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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Update #1: Chicago

Alright, this summer is flying by way too fast. Things have been fun and crazy busy, leaving me no time for pretty much everything important, such as cooking, or cleaning... or showering? No but really we have already had many adventures this summer! I will start with Chicago. Mitch had two conferences there this summer and we decided I should come to one of them so we could enjoy ourselves a bit there! We got there around 10am and it took us, oh... 3 hours to make it to our hotel!? We tromped around the city on buses, subways and streets with our backpacks, and suitcases. It was quite the start to our trip! By the time we made it to our hotel overlooking the lake, we were beat and took a small nap.
Our first night was spent at Navy Pier. I finally got to ride that beautiful Ferris wheel to view the skyline, and we went to an amazing cirque show.
The next day, Mitch went to the conference to present his research while I slept in, ate delicious waffles by myself and layed out by the pool. When he got back we made our way into the city and walked around Millennium Park and ate delicious Giordano's pizza. It was still early after all of this so we decided to check out Chinatown. There I found a surprise box for $1 and we felt a little out of place. Once is enough for that...
Our last day we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. This may have been my favorite part, I was absolutely amazed at how nice this free zoo was! We visited the gorillas and polar bears, who both put on quite a show. My favorite animal was the wild African dogs. I had never seen them before and they are pretty amazing looking! Sadly I didn't get a picture of those, so I stole one from the web. Now you can all agree they are pretty much the coolest. After the zoo I talked Mitch into going to H&M with me, where we spent way too much time and saw a whole bunch of interesting people :). We then headed to the airport, which again had us going across the city on subways and buses with our suitcases and attempting to stay out of people's way. By the time we made it to the airport, we were barely on time to make our flight, and then... we find out we were at the wrong airport. Yes. We flew into O'hare, and apparently were supposed to fly out of Midway. Oops! Luckily the nice people at O'hare put us on a flight of theirs for a small sum. We then made it safely home from there!

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