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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Sweeney's Have Left the Building

About two years ago Mitch and I found ourselves with new neighbors below us who happened to be in our ward. We didn't know it until they told us with a note on Mitch's Jeep. It read something like this "Hey are you LDS? We saw your Utah State license plate and figured you might be. We live in apt... come and stop by!" Now, I am prefacing here because it WAS two years ago so I obviously don't remember it word for word. Their note was followed by months of Mitch urging me to go downstairs when I had time to make us some new friends, because he was crazy busy and I was still having a hard time making friends in our new home. I am not sure exactly when or what started our friendship off, but I know once we finally hung out it was an easy friendship! Mitch and Ryan hit it off pretty quickly with their common love for sports and Caitlin and I had an easy time talking about pretty much anything from the start. After our friendship was established we had many nights together full of our favorite games(Ticket to Ride and Dominion pretty much dominated our game-time), afternoons by the pool, and nights at baseball games. Eventually we started carpooling to church together and then when they got their cute puppy Ryno we would puppy-sit for them.
Then when we got our Lucy dog, the two pups were fast friends and they would have her over to play for hours at a time. We really have been so blessed to have them move in right next to us. I think we both provided each other a much needed close relationship after moving across the country away from family and friends. Alright so I have obviously touched on the fact that we are close friends, now to tie in the sad title. Last week our lovelies, Ryan and Caitlin, moved away :(. Ryan is finishing his PT degree at Duke with his clinicals in Arizona, Nebraska and then their last 3 months will be back here in NC. We helped them move and it was a sad day for our little family. We went to our favorite bbq place for dinner and then helped them finish up their packing until late that night.
Lucy still runs to their door every time we go downstairs and today when the cleaners were repainting their old apartment with the door open, Lucy of course ran right in looking for Ryno. We are obviously still recovering from the break-up. Luckily, our other Bff's, Logan and Christine Christensen, moved in across the parking lot just before the Sweeney's left. We really are so lucky to have not one but three other families in our ward in our apartment complex. With the Bonds right below us and the Christensens across the parking lot I have running and pool buddies all the time! Not to mention a date every Monday to watch The Bachelorette with me (Thanks Christine!). It will be a sad day when we find out where all of our friends are headed for residency in a year. The ideal would be if we all went to the same place :) A girl can dream right?

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  1. Aw, this was so sweet!! I WILL be calling you when I'm bored from here on out to catch up on our lives. :) MISS YOU!